Chicken Vane

Chicken Vane Mixed Media CollageI am starting my adventure into discovering my happy place. I have been a quilter for almost 20 years.  I love choosing the colors and fabrics for a new quilt.  I am definitely more of an applique girl than a piecer. This background has really helped me with my new creative venture in making art. This adventure has changed my life. I can feel the wind of change happening in my life. This happy chicken weather vane canvas was one of my first commission pieces.  This was made for Vicki, who loves roosters.  My plans are to interpret this into a quilt design as well.  I love it that the old quilting pieces of my life are merging with the new pieces in my art. I look forward to seeing where this takes me.


Brave Mama Birdie

A couple of my trues and I were looking for a way to help one of our gals with a mid-life challenge. We decided to take a class from Melody Ross of the Brave Girls Club, called Soul Restoration. This six-week online course really helped me to focus on my life and what is important, what is good, what is right and what I want in my life. In our class, the bird symbolizes our Truthteller, or God. Since God is the Source of all, I created this painting to show this nurturing provider. It’s been a very Brave Girl year!

Thanks to MBrave Mama Bird collageelody Ross and her team at Brave Girls Club for teaching me to put on my big girl boots and make some positive changes in my life.