Art is better with friends

Chica for NormaArt is even more fun with friends. My friend Norma and I had an art day. She came over and we worked all day long on art. So much fun! It is amazing how two people who have learned the same techniques can make art so differently.

I made a background on a canvas and hated the background color I had chosen. Seriously. Baby poo colored mess covering my lovely collage papers. Norma said she liked it so I gave her the canvas to keep. Really, just take it. Ick.

Norma takes it and splashes some of her stencils and colors that I would never have chosen and now it’s really so much better. She gifts the canvas back to me. Now I have something fun to work with again and I add more of my own painting, stamps, rubons and then paint a fun girl. I had to make her a Latina Chica in honor of our combined art and Latin ethnicity. Norma’s birthday was a couple of weeks later so I just had to give her the Chica painting framed.  Happy Birthday my friend.