Stretching the Muse Muscles

Mixed Media Collage with pattern paper, acrylic, inksI love the challenge of commissioned art pieces. On my own, I would never dream of creating chickens, sea turtles, mermaids or fairies. (Ok, maybe I would have dreamed of a fairy piece.) Each time I take on one of these challenges, I am surprised at what comes out. I love it when I have to stretch my muse muscles and try something new. Being fairly new to art, I don’t really have my own “thing” yet. I am still discovering my artistic voice.  The more art I make and the more designs I create, the closer I get to that place. Growing artistic muscles takes a lot of practice and patience to learn new techniques. I don’t think it will ever end. I hope not anyway.

Mixed Media Collage Fairy GirlRecently, I was asked to make a painting of sea turtles. I loved figuring out how to make the sea grass and picking pattern papers for the little sea turtles. This piece was so fun to paint and I wish I had made two so I had one to keep. The painting actually reminds me of the calm, peaceful feeling you get when scuba diving.

I was actually asked to make two paintings of the same fairy.  I like to work spontaneously so it was a bit of a challenge to make two almost identical paintings.  I love the fairy girls and their pretty whimsical wings. This would be a great series to work on sometimes. Yes, those muse muscles are stretching again!