Christmas with my Nite Owl Whooters

I am so lucky to be able to meet with my quilting friends, the Nite Owl Whooters almost every Tuesday. My quilting friends are so much a part of my life. They are there for me when times are tough, they share the happiest of life’s events and they truly have carried me through so much. I love them beyond measure. Each one is different and I love them all for their differences. As a group, we are so diverse and stronger for our diversities.
We have a secret pal gift exchange each year. Usually, we make each other a quilt or something handmade for our Christmas party and then have a big reveal exchange. This year, I made this Christmas Owl painting for my dear friend, Linda. I was so excited to make this for her. She loves (I mean, crazy loves) owls. I couldn’t bring this in to show my friends ahead of time so it has been secretly living on my fireplace mantel for about a month now. Last week, we had our grand party and Linda got to open her gifts. I gave her a small quilted hanging and her painting. I loved watching her excited face when she opened up her gifts. She is a bright light in our group and I am so lucky to have her friendship.

This special Christmas party really jump starts me for the holiday. There is nothing like spending a day with good friends.  Merry Christmas to my Nite Owl Whooters!