Finding balance

Your Living Canvas JournalIn an online class, Your Living Canvas, with Christy Tomlinson and Art McCracken, we are taught about creating a life that is balanced. I found a few areas that need some work and some areas that I could let take a bit less of my time and still be okay. The goal is to have a more balanced life. This is kind of easier said than done.  The six areas we are discussing in our class are Faith, Fitness, Family, Fun, Finances and Friends – the Six F’s.  To help me remember this lesson and to have some of that Fun, I have made my journal entry to look like balloons. Watching a balloon float sort of reminds me of a fragile balance in the air. That’s sort of how life feels sometimes – in a state of fragile balance.

This is such an inspiring class – artistically and for life. We are learning to live our lives by design, on purpose. Love it.


Journal Start Day

I love journals. There is a little heart-skipping moment when I purchase a new journal to start a new project.  I have never, ever finished a journal. They are where I work out designs, sketch little thought snippets, practice new techniques, play with colors and have so much fun.  I have several journals that are created for a particular project, usually for a class. My desk almost always has one of my journals propped open for display for motivation.

This weeYour Living Canvas Journalk, I am starting a new online class called Your Living Canvas by Christy Tomlinson and Art McCracken. This class is part journaling, part artwork and part life coaching. So I get to start a new journal. Hooray!  After watching the amazing class videos, I am inspired to create my journal title page. I can’t wait to see what our next assignment will be!