Dancing on a Fencepost

School’s back in session. This means I get to engage in the hustle and bustle of finding just the right colored pronged file folders, notebooks and all the other back-to-school paraphernalia. It also means we must pack up our lovely daughter and drive her back to her college campus. Amber is a sophomore this year studying architecture. She has a wonderful, natural artistic eye and is also good in math. She is so passionate about her field and we are so proud of her and thrilled that she has found her passion at such a young age.

We had a wonderful summer together and truly enjoyed having her with us. We knew we only got to borrow her for a few months so we all treasured our time together this summer. This year, driving her to school was a completely different experience. Last year, as a freshman, she was ready for us to drop off her belongings and drive away, leaving her to run off and jump into her much anticipated college experience. She grew up so much that first year. She learned to appreciate all we taught her so she could be successful as a student and living on her own. She gained a new appreciation for how to handle money and the value of a hard earned paycheck. She worked hard, made many friends and got the grades to earn another year of college. Woo hoo!

So, this year she knew what to expect. She is savvy at dorm life and has a group of friends. She is rested and ready to plunge into her sophomore year. We made the five hour drive to her college and unloaded her belongings. This time, we were invited to come in, stay and help unpack. Then, we went to lunch together, bought groceries and stopped at a pet store to help her pick out a new beta fish for her room. There was no rush to push us on our way. Once she was all unpacked and her whole room was ready, the texts began. Her friends were also ready. It was time for all good parents to take their leave.

We were less sad this year, knowing our sweet girl has learned to balance many new life experiences. She has learned to work hard and play hard. I’m sure she is having a blast in college but she also knows she must put in the hard work required to earn another year in college. College is an experience that teaches you balance. I picture her dancing on that fence with her arty flair and learning to stay balanced.


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