Take Time to Whoot

Art Journal - Time to Whoot
My art journal page, Time to Whoot

We all need time to nourish our souls. We need to rest. We need to play and laugh. For years, I took care of everyone else. I did not take time for myself. My priority was always my family, my job, my home. I felt guilty if I took even a little time for myself. Eventually, I just forgot who the real me was. I burned out. Finally, a wise woman explained to me that I had to take care of myself so I would be able to take care of everyone and everything else. I was told to do something for myself, something small, every day. It was so hard. So, I started small. I think I did something crazy like buy a bottle of nail polish.

So – fast forward about 15 years. I am so much better at taking care of me now. I take trips with my girlfriends, I take time to make quilts and art, I read, I take art classes and take time to have lunch with my mom and sisters. My soul is so much happier. I have learned to laugh again.

My quilting group, The Nite Owl Whooters, went on a five day retreat. We stitched, we were silly, we talked and, best of all, we laughed. I came home feeling refreshed and ready to face my busy life. My spirit was renewed again and refueled with creative ideas. All of this because I took some time to Whoot with my friends.

So, take some time for yourself and go Whoot! Your spirit will thank you.