My Etsy Store is OPEN

My Etsy Store is finally open! I am so humbled by this huge big leap. I am excited, nervous and mostly feeling like I have made a major milestone in my artwork. This is brave stuff. Putting your artwork out to the world takes big girl braveness.

Here is a link to my shop:

I would like to thank a few people for helping to make this possible. First, my family for their love, support and tolerance of an arty, messy home. Also, to my friends who have encouraged me to be brave enough to actually sell my artwork and for actually buying some as well. It gave me such a confidence boost. I would like to thank a few artists and teachers that have taught me so much and helped me to develop my art – Melody Ross, Christy Tomlinson, Junelle Jacobsen. You ladies totally rock!

Ok, now it’s time to get arty and get busy making some pieceful stuff. Woo hoo!!