Be your wonderful self

Your Wonderful Self Journal PageThere are times in life when we get so overwhelmed that we forget to take care of ourselves and take time to simply be. We can easily get distracted by projects at work or school or even by joyful events like a new baby or a new love. Eventually, our soul reaches a place where it feels off and we need to recenter.

My lovely daughter Amber is off at college. We did not get into the nitty gritty details of what’s going on with her college life but it sort of sounded like she needed to take some time to just be her wonderful self. So, that was all I said that day we texted and spoke. I am learning to be empathetic and listen, not to judge or try to solve her problems. She is grown and I’m still learning how to be the best parent I can be. I still have my son at home and we have several years of practice ahead.

Close up of Wonderful Self BunnyThe next day I checked in with her. I needed to hear her voice and so we talked about the weather finally cooling off and how much we love fall. She felt better that day and had taken some time for herself. I emailed her a copy of my journal page inspired by her. We are both arty and our art is a huge bond between us. She told me on her last visit home that she was so grateful to have been raised in an artistic home. So now, I have my journal to remember the day and she has a copy to remember to take time to be her wonderful self.


Arty binding technique

I confess that I am wandering a lot these days. I am wandering into Art Journals and Art Quilts. Next week, a group of ladies and I are starting up a new Art Quilt mini group. I’m beyond excited to start.  I’ve started a Pinterest board to collect some inspiration and have been looking through blogs to find information on new techniques I want to learn.

In my wanderings, I found this very clever binding technique that will be perfect for the new art quilts I am ready to jump into. This would be perfect for the post card quilts, mini quilts and might even work on some wearable quilt pieces. The uses are endless. Carol Ann Waugh states that she has even used this on very large art quilts. I will try it out and post my results.

Give it a view and let me know how you do!!


National Nonstop Journaling MonthDon’t you love this silly name?? It stands for National Nonstop Journaling Month!

Each day during November, Dawn D. Sokol will post a one word journaling prompt to inspire you to do some art journaling. This is just an inspiration project. What you make and how big you make it is up to you.  I understand there will be a general theme posted prior to the beginning. I think it will be fun to have a little nudge for inspiration so I’m signing up to follow along.

Follow my blog if you want to see what I create. I hope you join in the fun too.

To follow Dawn, go to her website at and follow her to get the prompts. To check out her full description of Nanojoumo, read her blog post here.

Blooming my own way

My collage from week 1 of Brave Girls Art School
My collage from week 1 of Brave Girls Art School

I am learning to let the flowers in my art be funky and bright.  In my Brave Girls Art Class, we are making art from our souls. We are just letting go and playing and making imperfect, fun and fabulous art. It is such a blast and such an honor to share this class with an amazing group. We are learning art techniques and so much more from the incomparable Melody Ross and her team. Brave Girls Art Class is about more than just the art. It is about being okay with yourself and where you are and deciding what you want in your life. That’s what Brave Girls do.

I’m well on my path to the Brave life that I really want. I learn something every day.  I am looking for what’s right and good in my life.  I am nurturing my arty soul and blooming my own way.

Close up of textured flowers

Binding with Love

Whootie For AxelMy niece, Rebecca, is having her baby shower next week. We are all so excited for her and we can’t wait to hold little Axel. I love that we live in an age where we can see the baby even before he is born. I really, really love walking through the baby aisles and looking at all the new products available to new moms these days.  The products are all cool but I am a practical woman. I chose the more practical items I thought she would need. I added a copy of the book “I Am Water” that we read to our daughter. And, of course, I made a quilt to welcome Axel to the family. I am a quilter. That’s what I do.

So, today I am stitching the binding onto Axel’s quilt. I am enjoying the final moments of thinking about Rebecca and how we have watched her grow to be a fine young woman. I am thinking about how lucky we are as a family to have a new life, a new baby added to our family tree.  As I finish stitching, I am ready to send on my gift bound up with love.