Binding with Love

Whootie For AxelMy niece, Rebecca, is having her baby shower next week. We are all so excited for her and we can’t wait to hold little Axel. I love that we live in an age where we can see the baby even before he is born. I really, really love walking through the baby aisles and looking at all the new products available to new moms these days.  The products are all cool but I am a practical woman. I chose the more practical items I thought she would need. I added a copy of the book “I Am Water” that we read to our daughter. And, of course, I made a quilt to welcome Axel to the family. I am a quilter. That’s what I do.

So, today I am stitching the binding onto Axel’s quilt. I am enjoying the final moments of thinking about Rebecca and how we have watched her grow to be a fine young woman. I am thinking about how lucky we are as a family to have a new life, a new baby added to our family tree.  As I finish stitching, I am ready to send on my gift bound up with love.


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