Art Techniques

There is so much to multi-media art. Basically, this medium can apply to any surface and use pretty much any art medium or combination of art mediums.  I have painted on anything from simple rocks, chunks of wood, new or recycled paper, new or recycled canvas, cigar boxes, wood boxes or paper mache.  I paint with acrylic paints, inks, pens of all sorts, pastels, chalks and water colors. I love to incorporate recycled envelopes, tissue papers, scrapbooking papers, newsprint, sheet music and my very favorite – pages from old books. I’m always on the hunt for a found item that helps me create interesting texture in my paintings.

This art form really lets you explore as an artist and figure out what you like to work with and develop your own style.  Go where inspiration takes you and have some arty fun!

In my Collage 101 page, I will show you step-by-step, my process of making a basic collage painting.  There are several pictures to show you each step in my process. I hope you enjoy watching the transformation from a simple board to a finished art piece. Learn the story behind the art in my blog, “Breaking Boards, Building Character”.

In Backgrounds, I show how I create the first layer in my collage paintings.  We start with basic Gesso and work up to the basic color background. This gets the surface primed and ready for the next layer – the Texture layer. This layer is so much fun. It’s a great place to play with art when you just want to play and not really worry about the final piece.

In Textures, I will share with you my favorite tools for creating texture in your collage art. I’m always discovering new techniques and find that more is usually better when it comes to texture in my art.  Texture is the stuff in a background that makes your art so interesting when it’s looked at more closely. It’s not the main focus of the art but the art looks so much better for having it there.