Art Reboot

powerbuttonI feel like my art brain just went blank sort of like when I got the blue screen of death on my laptop a while ago. Blank, totally blank. This has gone on now for about 6 weeks. I think it started when I cleaned my desk which is in my living room. I admit it has been nice to walk in the door and see more order, but, I miss painting. I just can’t get started. I have never had this happen before without a really good reason, like some ginormous life event that kept me too busy or distracted. I know it’s Christmas and I had decorating to do, shopping to do, and parties to attend. Honestly though, I don’t think that is the reason. I just need a muse boost or a reboot.

When my computer breaks, I consult my techie guru and get help. I decided I needed to consult some of my art gurus, the people whose blogs and websites are where I go to oooh and aaah over their art.  I have gifted myself with some of their luscious, lovely art classes. I can play with other artists and try some new techniques. The focus for me is going to be the play. I need to let my art be for fun and just happen. I am excited to start again.  My Christmas list to the DH (dear husband) was art books and supplies I need to play with.

I thought I would share the classes I have signed up for and encourage anyone in a slump to gift yourself an art reboot too. I hope to see you on the class Facebook and Flickr pages so we can cheer each other on. Let me know if you want to play.

Here is my REBOOT class list!!

Lifebook 2013Lifebook 2013 – This is a yearlong mixed-media art adventure with Tam Laport at She has twelve lovely art teachers including some of my very favorites including Melody Ross, Christy Tomlinson, Mindi Lacefield, Danita and Effy Wild.


True Free Spirit ClassTrue Free Spirit – This class, offered by Mindi Lacefield at , is going to be a year of playing and exploring. I love this girl’s work. I am so excited to watch her create and learn from her playful spirit.

Since those two big classes don’t start until January 2013, I signed up for a small class I can start now….


Letter LoveLetter Love 101 – This is taught by Joanne Sharp at I really want to learn how to improve my handwriting for art purposes. This class is full of ideas and information. I am letter loving it so far.